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plunkybug's Journal

Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May
I love my huggy bear (Chas), my friends and family, my music, and cooking. I have a weakness for Mediterranean food. Especially cheese. Especially feta cheese.

80's music, agnosticism, alternative menstrual products, alton brown, amaretto, animal rights, apple butter, apple computers, aromatherapy, art, ayurveda, beauty, being erica, bel canto, belle and sebastian, birkenstocks, blackadder, boobs, bras, bravissimo, british columbia, butterflies, canada, candles, cats, chai, chas, cheese, clara's summer, claude debussy, cloth pads, cocteau twins, colorguard, cook street village, cooking, cruelty-free products, cuddling, dangermouse, degrassi, depeche mode, doctor who, eddie izzard, edward gorey, electronic, enzian, erasure, fantasie, femininity, feminism, feta cheese, figleaves, films, frappuccinos, freya, friends, garmarna, genmai cha, good eats, haloumi cheese, harry potter, hooverphonic, hugging, human rights, independent films, iron chef, iuds, james bay, jew food, john william waterhouse, kasha, kids in the hall, kissing, kittens, kraftwerk, krispy kreme, laughing, laughter, learning, lemony snicket, linguistics, loituma, lord of the rings, love, lunapads, lunette, meditteranean food, monty python, morrissey, mst3k, music, my huggy bear, mythology, nakedness, nature, nokia, open minds, pampered chef, panache, paragard, pet shop boys, peter murphy, philosophy, pianos, pippin, pistachios, powerpuff girls, psychology, pulp, pumpkin pie, red dwarf, robert wyatt, roxy music, salmon, sandalwood, scandinavia, seafood, sensuality, sleeping, sorten muld, stardust coffee & video, stone roses, stoneware, sushi, tea, tears for fears, thai food, the beatles, the damned, the l-word, the lady of shalott, the nits, the ocean blue, the pre-raphaelites, the smiths, the young ones, they might be giants, toblerone, trash can sinatras, travel, vancouver bc, vegetarians, victoria bc, vietnamese food, virgos, winged migration, wprk 91.5 fm, yogurt